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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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cases giving the owners 105% of the cost. no, i say that this is an absurd use of taxpayer dollars. and ask why. what do you think? should the government buy homes of sandy victims? here is some of your posting on my facebook page. robber says, no, they just a live in close proximity to mother nature. if they did not have medical insurance, that is on them, not the taxpayer. stan says, they cannot buy any homes in joplin missouri, which also went through a horrible ordeal. we ask the question on 3 percent said yes to 97 percent of you said not. be sure to log onto for online question every weekday. finally tonight, you have to hear this, italian jeans company that is a trademark the name jesus, going after a dozen other u.s. clothing companies for selling jesus the and apparel. now, they claim their company has the exclusive rights to the name and other people cannot use it.
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>> and not getting it. jesus teens is the name of that company. they register the name. back in 2007. here is was some of those genes look-alike. the company uses phrases like dow shot at any other genes before me and he loves me follows me. according to the u.s. trademark office the name of a personal character is register both only to if you can show it is used in a way that tells people what you do in addition to who you are. in this case, they get the name because it is at tied -- the name is tied to apparel. in my opinion a name like jesus should be the exception. should be trademarked. jesus jeans, well, they should have turned the other cheek. that is my "2 cents more." and coming up tomorrow, a routine checkup that cost more than a new car. all talk to the man behind some startling new numbers on the price of health care. steven brill from time magazine. you're going to want to see that. that's it for tonight. ♪
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>> a very good evening. i'm lori rothman in for lou dobbs. we are now three days away from sequestration kicking in. the president's scare tactics and predictions about what those $85 billion arbitrary cuts will do to our economy and safety, very much a question. the self-proclaimed most transparent administration in history, the subject of criticism from their own side of the aisle. revelations from one of their own former staffers. president today holding yet another campaign style rally to post the alleged pandemonium that will occur if republican leaders don't capitulate to is demands. those demands being more tax increases to go along with any spending cuts. >> overnight but it will be real . a sequester will weaken america's economic recovery. it will weaken our military readiness, and it will weaken the basic services that the
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american people depend on every single day. lori: but the president is that even selling this message to everyone left. the left leaning website posted a column today titled, is the white house telling the truth on the sequester? the very first paragraph of the analysis reading, president barack obama's state-by-state breakdown of the sequester, and you get dire message. if you had read it. this guy is going to fall on march 1st. but a closer reading of the detailed report shows that some of this curious stuff is going to happen in slow-motion if it happens all. all this on the heels of the skating weekend op-ed by washington post veteran bob woodward who blasted the president for 11 the sequester a congress. claiming to senior white house aides told him that it was the brainchild of the ministration. meanwhile poking an enormous hole in that transparency claim.
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listen to him explain how he was told to hide certain information from the press and the public while serving at the pleasure of president obama. >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they tell me was, you're not even to a knowledge that drone program. you're not to discuss the existence of it. our denial of the existence of the program when is obviously happening undermines people's confidence overall in the decisions that their government makes. lori: turning back to the sequester countdown. president obama today reverting to tried and true campaign tactics at his virginia rallied, accusing republicans of protecting the rich but refusing to cut tax loopholes for big business in order to stop the sequester cuts. republican sen more tax hikes are out of the question. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. ♪ >> reporter: one day after his summit security secretary spine
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the sequester could make us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack >> they're not smart, they're not fair. >> reporter: president obama took the fear factor out of the road to virginia where nuclear attack submarines are built to warn this region is about to take a major hit. >> the sequester could cost tens of dozens of jobs right here in virginia. but it does not stop there. if the sequester doesn't affect more than 2,000 college students would lose their financial aid. lori: the president also took aim at the speaker by name, charging he is now taking tax revenue of the table because he wants to protect the rich. >> all we're asking is that a close loopholes for the well-off and the well-connected, for hedge fund managers or oil companies or corporate jet owners or -- who are all doing very well and don't need these tax loopholes so we can avoid laying off workers were taking kids often start. >> reporter: using colorful language declaring the president should get off of the campaign
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trail in this senate democratic leader harry reid to pass one of two house bills that would block the fourth cuts. >> for 16 months the president had been traveling all of the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with senate leaders in order to try to forge an agreement over there in order to move the bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their butt and begins to do something. >> the president of the pressure on him by bringing the local republican congressman thomas got virgil, border force one where the congressman told reporters that in addition to spending cuts he favors raising revenues through tax reform and then got a presidential shot up. >> is one of your republican congressman who is with us here today, and that is always healthy for public and, being with me. but the reason he's doing it is because he knows is important to you. and he has asked his colleagues in the house to consider closing
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tax loopholes instead of letting these automatic cuts go through. lori: -- >> reporter: quickly get some air cover from some republican leader mitch mcconnell bless the president's approach. >> refused to offer any kind of reasonable alternative a threat to veto other proposals aimed at averting a sequester. now here we are presenting the kutcher with two options. armageddon or attacks like. both gramm and senator john mccain said the meeting well. still, no deal. lori: and there is where we stand. thank you. fox news chief white house correspondent. one of the state's potentially hurt most by the defense request to cut is virginia. get this. some 90,000 civilian defense department employees to be furloughed. the army space operations funding would be cut by about 146 million in virginia, and funding for air force operations
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in the state would be cut by about $8 million. my first guest, virginia congressman randy forbes, a member of the armed services committee offering his prognosis today. >> if you take the wrong medicine to try to cure an illness, it can sometimes be worse than taking the medicine. if you have the wrong compromise , it can be worse than no compromise a vault. i want to point out to everybody , the dca itself, sequestration, the problem that we are all now facing was, in fact, a compromise, a compromise that was proposed by the president and even though i voted against it, we are looking at it and facing today. lori: the congressman in choosing a bill this week to completely remove defense cuts from the sequestered and to reduce the sequestered by that same amount. we are pleased to welcome congressman for starting is from washington this evening. hello, sir. >> i. how are you tonight? >> some wonderful. good to see you again. the president, as you know, spent the day just one district
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over from yours playing the blame game, warning of dire consequences saying republicans are causing a self-inflicted wound on our economy. do you think -- your not, to tell me that you feel that he has you over a barrel, but it is like reach an agreement or take the blame. what is your reaction to what is going on with the sequestration? >> well, as you know, you when i talk to us sequestration a year ago when i was trying to point out how bad this proposal the president made actually was and was going to be for the american people. but we have to realize that all of these dire consequences are not just a product of sequestration. from the time this president came into office, his very first budget committee began dismantling the greatest military of the world's ever known. the cat over half trillion dollars out of it already. and when you talk about transparency, lori, it is important to point out that from the very first time he was in office, he issued gag orders at the pentagon where nobody could even talk about the implications of those cuts. and his latest this week, he
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issued again memorandums that tell people they cannot talk about the reality of the cuts that are there. lori: we do have some quantitative data from the department of treasury, congressman, on the rate of defense spending, and we do know that it has risen of the last decade by 54%. that is inflation adjusted, obviously we have had it worse in iraq in afghanistan. obviously george w. bush was the president, but it also includes the increase in defense spending and the president obama. there is a case to be made, there is a lot of fat and the department of defense. cuts need to be made. it is i time. >> laurie, there is no question about that. there is that the department of defense and we're working on that in the to continue to work on that. sequestration is not going to get the fat. it is getting a programs that we desperately need doing in an arbitrary way. let me just address that 54 percent figure that you talked about. when i first came in congress in 2001, we literally would go on aircraft carriers.
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because of all the cuts that have been made, our pilots did not even have engines for the planes. they needed us to try to get engines because they were having to cannibalize those engines from other airplanes. we have had to build that back up over the last decade, and i just at a hearing in the subcommittee and a chair with the former secretary of the navy and a former admiral who said right now, because of the way these cuts have been made by this administration, we would be in dire straits potentially if we had a major tax somewhere across the world. we want to be in a situation. we want to cut, we want to do it in a smart, intelligent way, not the way this the ministers had been doing it. lori: to take your closing this is the equivalent of using the wrong medicine, broke a misquoting you, but what is the right medicine? >> second name them off the bat. i would take obamacare out because that would do away with sequestration. all these horrible things here right now would be done away with.
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i would cut up the money were giving to the un and put that back in our budget. the third thing i would do is cut out half of the government travel that is taking place. that would serve as about $8 billion right there. and in the fourth thing that i would do right away is stop the navy, the secretary of the navy from spending all this money on the biofuels that he has done that is having nothing to do with the purpose of the navy when we can't even repair and maintain our own ships. the first things i would do. lori: appreciate the details. what you think that the president is pushing the meat cleaver approach to back. >> because that is the way the president normally deals. the reason we don't have solutions in washington today in large measure is because the president is not very good at bringing people together. three things that he always does . you make a deal with this president before the incas dry he is moving the goalposts. lycopod boards article, and you can see that he outlines that very clearly. the second thing is, the president is not very good at talking to people who disagree
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with him. so he surrounds himself with these campaign events with people who apply them to agree with him, but yet to be back here in washington talking to people who disagree with him and his listening to them. lori: so why, congressman, i'll let you get to the other point in a minute, would have to come in here with this question. your colleague of the next county, district over, he is right there with the president taking a ride on air force one today. what is going on? what is his motive? as you nervous? a lot of people in your situation, republican congressman, tolerable for the midterm, concerned about keeping the job. >> i cannot tell you what is in his mind. all i can tell you is the congressman voted for sequestration. i voted against it. i thought it was a bad idea then and i think it's a bad idea to date. that will let them speak for himself, but the president's proposal about raising taxes is not this party over what to turn this economy around.
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the smart thing for us to do is to get our spending under control, and here is the only thing that i would just leave you with, when the president passed this enormous health care bill he said, we have plenty of money. if we had not pass that would not be talking of the sequestration. many pass the stimulus bill, 8,205,000,000,000, is so we have plenty of money. if we did and we would not have sequestration, and then they're coming up and talking about to percent of the total budget is going to shut the country down. that just does not make good sense to the average person. lori: interesting. all right. congressman, thank you for your take. much more on the effects of sequestration a little later this hour with the "a-team." america's enemies born on our shore, a shocking report of the gory number of huntsman grown terrorists ahead. the big defense himself. senior economist at deutsche bank shares is he's next. ♪ with the spark cash card
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♪ lori: and fed chief ben bernanke ran into resistance to is easy money weighs on capitol hill. but testified if, the fed is standing by its unemployment target. senior u.s. economist for deutsche bank joining us in moments with his thoughts. first, let's review the action on wall street today. new-home sales rose to their highest level since july 2008. and the median price of a home rose. the fed lower rate policy seems to be open the real-estate market. as for stocks, the dow rallied 115 points, s&p gained nine, nasdaq up 13. volume on the big board. two major stock stories today to tell you about. j.p. morgan announcing it will
7:19 pm
fire 4,000 workers in its consumer banking division. not impressed with that. and stock lost a dime. apple stock rallied on the river that stock. no comment from apple. despot in to the rumor. perhaps concern about inflation could be seen in gold which rose by double digits again today after $28.90 per ounce, the biggest one day gain so far this year. settling at 1,615 and $0.50 per ounce. oil for its part lost $0.48 on the barrel. in the bond market treasury to new york pushing lower closing. so, ben bernanke given the dead money policy debate in the semi-annual testimony to congress saying it would help boost the housing and other sectors. joining me now with his economic outlook, a senior economist for deutsche bank securities. thank you. the testimony. one of the use that term? >> the change the name for whatever reason. i guess it turned around. lori: fair point. i was just curious. usually this is a non-event, but
7:20 pm
a lot more people were focused in on bernanke today because it has been some dissension, if you will, among the voting members of the fomc about this wonderful asset purchase program we so come to refer to as quantitative easing, especially because of what it does to the stock-market . >> absolutely. so the fed has been firing with both barrels in terms of purchasing $85 billion of securities permanent. some treasuries, some mortgage securities, and we thought everything was continuing in that direction. in the last two fed meetings, december and january, we learned that the camp was emerging, this ought to -- hawkins camp a lure voters on the committee who are not comfortable with the program and showing some signs that maybe we could be backing away from qe. lori: that said, the market is not buying it. >> today he definitely show that he is telling . the contingent, really the core of the committee, the chairman, bernanke, vice chair person,
7:21 pm
also the new york fed president. that is the core of the committee. they're showing that they're nowhere near the point where they're ready to a setback. lori: if you look telegraph parallel of the stock market performance of verses that buying of these assets, more is back securities, treasuries are the history of physical quantitative easing, it is a virtual parallel. there you go. you can see it. the stock market has benefited tremendously. has the fed policy but did anything else? and a we had some good economic data points. >> stocks clearly love it. we had a hint that there would be less, stocks soared in response. also, the housing market likes qe. qe generally of a financial assets by driving down interest rates. if you get to refinance your home mortgage or lower the interest rate on a loan or credit card, you benefited from quantitative easing. lori: at some point is the other shoe have to drop? what i'm getting at is, your
7:22 pm
outlook for inflation. a bigger risk is this with all this money printing? and some point you devalue the dollar to a certain degree. >> sure. certainly we can lead to an inflation problem. to this point, we have not had an inflation problem comes the tricky part will be, it's like eating candy. more is better until you get the stomachache. and so the delicate balancing act will be for the fed to know when the time is right to start pulling back or taking away the punch bowl, as the analogy goes. lori: and they have given us the indication it is watching unemployment, but the target of unemployment, six and a half%. >> yes. lori: look at a tavern is adequate? >> a six and a half% unemployment rate is going to be a long ways off. i don't think it is a 2013 story it is a 2014 story, so i think it will start backing away and qe, but not stop the program later this year. we could look for termination, maybe make your next. lori: unemployment is so stubbornly high. we had great -- of north-it's a
7:23 pm
great, but positive -- it will leave it that -- economic data points, sales soaring 16%. the case schiller index. year-over-year. the gain. consumer confidence rebounded more than expected. can you credit the fed? >> well, that is part of the story. low-interest rates are helping the housing recovery without a doubt. the recovery adds up in consumer pocketbooks. housing and a national basis is about $17 trillion. so all prices are not only recovering, but accelerating. that has a very real impact on the economy. lori: you have this dual mandate as a college. price control and employment. hanging in there, doing a great job of keeping inflation in check of of getting back to this problem of unemployment, is that that data tools? and meet -- we know that he has been very vocal in front of washington. >> he says that there not and as long as they continue to purchase program than they are further using monetary policy. lori: us talk about the
7:24 pm
sequester. warning it could create a significant headwind for economic recovery, shipping about half of a point of growth. but in saying the economy should rebound by the latter half of this year. really, does that put sequester in perspective that we should not be so concerned? especially given the magnitude of the cuts? miniscule cuts by comparison to the broad budget. >> compared to the -- absolutely compared to the broad budgeting compared to a tax increases we saw at the beginning of the year sequestration is much smaller. that being said, this economy is only chugging forward in a very slow pace. so, you know, every little bit ways it down further. so this sequestration well, again, further slow economic growth. how much weight and how many straws to be put on the camel's back until it finally breaks. lori: audi think it will sort out? do you think republicans will win out and not see any tax increases? yet, so much politicking going on. sift through it. look under the hood for me, if you will. >> sure. several impact this year is about 45 billion. they tell you 85, but really
7:25 pm
it's about half that much. i think what will happen is on march 1st it will begin to kick in. federal employees need a one month notice before they can be furloughed, so that will be slow to kick in. by the end of the month congress has to sit down and figure out how to fund the government from march to the end of the fiscal year which is the continuing resolution. absolutely. so i think through that continuing resolution that will somewhat watered-down the sequestration. lori: resells seek -- we shall see. a conversation. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. lori: up next, the u.s. military lead afghanistan coalition admitting a major stake -- mistake in they're assessment of the top man in the 20th anniversary of the first world trade center bombing in new reports as the biggest feet to threat could be homegrown. we will explain next. ♪ [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just nutes. protect youramily...
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get protected now. call the number on your screen or go to to try lifelock protection risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: gethelp. plus get this document shredder free-- but only if you act right now. call the number on your screen now! lori: the u.s.-led military coalition in afghanistan
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admitting it incorrectly reported a 70% drop in taliban attack last year, officials admit there of no change in attacks. a coalition spokesman blames it on a clerical error. and insists it does not alter their basic,sesment of the war but it does under cut obama administration's argument. >> new york today marking 20 anniversary of first terrorist attack on world trade center in 1993. a moment of silence was held. the ceremony was held at 9/11 memorial where the trin towers were destroyed 8 years later. lori: the war on terror taking on a new front, a shocking report said that america's enemies are increasingly
7:30 pm
homegrown. >> reporter: 20 years since first world trade center attack, this investigative report shows the face of domestic terrorism is changing. the new generation of al qaeda operative is made in the u.s. >> future attacks will be less well organized, less complexed, less likely to succeed and more than likely to be conducted by citizens or long-term residents of the u.s. >> reporter: head investigated 171 individuals convicted of al qaeda related offenses, among the finding most operatives are american citizens, they are relatively young, under 30, they are educated here and hold skilled jobs. >> we have software engineers, pharmacists, financial analysts. they have passed through the system. >> reporter: a number of
7:31 pm
homegrown cases peaked in 2009, investigator say that trend line is unpredictable, since over in 30, at least search alleged operatives, arrested, prosecuted or pled guilty to domestic charges. the president's pick to run cia said that al qaeda threat is serious and evolving. >> any element, has death and different strug, i full -- destruction, we need to be mindful of this al qaeda cancer. cancer. >> reporter: the report is timely, as they renew their demands for full access to obama administration secret legal memos that justify the targeted killing of american citizens overseas. lori: thank you katherine herrage, more on homegrown terror and unrest in middle east ahead. >> the president calls for
7:32 pm
compromise on the so-called sequestration cut, but refusing to sit down with republicans. >> and deadly weather slams the plain states and headed for america's third biggest city, the frigid core -- forecast head. >> tough talk from secretary of state john kerry, no nuclear iran or else. nd 2% to manage yo. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go to trade and findut how much our advice costs. spoiler alert: it's low. really? yes, really. e-trade offers investment advice and guidance from dedicated, professional financial consultants. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. that's how our system works. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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see in a rocket fired from gaza strip hit israel today, first such attack since a cease hold in november. it did some damage to the road to a city. but no injuries were hospitalled, a militant group, claimed credit for rocket attack calling it quote, first response to the death of a palestinian inmate in israeli custody over the weekend. who died in disputed
7:36 pm
circumstances. lori: senate voting to confirm former senator chuck hagel for defense secretary, the final vote 58-front, with 4 republicans joining democrats in backing president obama's nominee. this month they were questioning his support for israel, hagel overcame the opposition will now successed to leon panetta. lori: and today, senate finance committee voted to approve his nomination, a full senate vote could happen tomorrow, lou is to win confirmation to succeed treasury secretary geithner. >> the u.s. and other major world powers holding nuclear talks with iran today, for first time since june. offering to ease economic sanctions if iran agrees to stop
7:37 pm
enriching uranium, john kerry warning there could be terrible consequences it talks fail. >> joining me now kt mcfarland. and eli lake. this is our foreign policy download, chuck hagel, new defense secretary, known to be in his past, soft on iran, in his policy. beginning with you, with iran and the news, and talk of lessening sanctions if they come to the table and stop with the uraiuranium enrichment? >> i think what secretary kerry said, dire consequences, they have been talking about dire consequences for years, nothing happens, if you are iran, what have you looked at? north korea, puny north korea, and they have gotten away with making nuclear weapons, what is going stop you, dire
7:38 pm
consequences? i don't think so, what happened in last tw two weeks in a have ' a lot closer, they ramped up their nuclear enrichment. and vice president of u.s. asked for direct talks, they said no thank you very much, i think they are racing to the finish now. >> that sunset eling, -- that that is unsettling. >> the thing is watch right now is installations of advance centrifuges they are far more efficient, they are beginning to be installed in the underground bunker facility, known as the fordo outside of the wholly city of where the -- holy city where government is unfrom iran. the policy has been a
7:39 pm
cyberattack, and i think that this has been policy under bush you now obama can this secret war continue to delay and confound iranian scientists? that is the real question. lori: i just want to bring this up, you had an interesting piece daily beast, coming with hagel nomination, now confirmed as defense secretary, republicans have lost leverage trying to get more information on the president's whereabouts on 9/11 with regard to what happened in benghazi. >> that is right, there was a lot of talk earlier, you know this month, that the reason for the initial delay or vote to not close debate on hague nel senate floor is because they were trying to get the president to cooperate more with more information whether it is who finally drafted talking points, that suzanne rice read on that
7:40 pm
famous sunday show on benghazi, or what the president was doing, and who he talked to on the night of the attacks, best they got was a letter from white house council to president who reiterated what was already in the public record, clearly not enough, but i think in the en, i think courtesy run won the day. lori: let's talk about the new report from henry jackson society, a british think tank, on number of so-called homegrown terrorists, shows a majority of convicted in u.s. are educated, and employed and received training, they are u.s. citize citizens. how does this impact the drone attacks on u.s. citizens overseas. >> a lot of senior leadership
7:41 pm
has been decimated, al qaeda has moved on, they have been the most resilient movement that we've encounter the. they have set up franchises, benghazi is one. somalia, all over north africa, and yemen, the third wave is the guys at home, that gives them a great advantage, these are the lone wolves, you might see something big coming but you don't see a guy with weapons in the back of his car pulling up to the super market, i think general haden said it well, you will see more attacks, not as lethal but they are going to be at home. lori: the number of attacks there was a error in this report, u.s.-led military command in afghanistan reported a 70% decline, from 2010 to 2011 it was unchanged. does this change things now.
7:42 pm
>> if you think of poor hagel, i almost feel sorry for him, he comes into office, he has to deal with cyberattacks for china, we don't have plain for that, we have to get out of afghanistan, we have to fight our way out, and they don't want to to stay, and he has to deal with a nuclear, ran and starting friday, cut defense budget. lori: let's go to homegrown terrorist question, do you think this is a significant problem? were you surprised at the findings? >> in some ways we've seen this coming. we've seen american citizens and people in our own military participate ii the terrorist attacks that seem at very least inspired by al qaeda, the issue is if we'll have a free society with internet and global communication, that means for a fringe loner subset they will be vulner table. so far, i think we've been lucky given all; that but it is a
7:43 pm
really nasty problem, and a tough problem in a civil liberties perspective. lori: that is where we have to leave it, kt specially than and. lori: dennis rodman is playing ambassador behind communist enemy lines. >> and first lady is a slip of the tongue on national tv, but the mainstream media makes sure it never hits air, we'll play the tape next.
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lori: a powerful winter storm hammered the plains and left three people dead, it is working its way to chicago right now, reducing visibilitiy and creating dangerous driving condition, sleet and low clouds are forcing cancelation of 300 flights at o'hare, the storm is dumped to 17 inches of snow in
7:47 pm
amarillo, texas yesterday, 13 on kansas city, and highways in texas and oa oklahoma panhandles remain close, a big mess. >> chicago voters hitting polls to choose a likely replacement for congressman jesse jackson, jr. democratic frontrunners are robin kelly, former congresswoman debbie halve, son, and anthony beale . >> first lady michelle obama owes abc's "good morning america" a thank you card. she said quote, she was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons
7:48 pm
they didn't need,ing which please say pendleton of shot by a man who opened fire by a handgun, here is what abc airs this morning. >> she was standing out in a park, with her friends, in a neighborhood blocks away from where my kids grew up, where our house is, she was caught in the line of fire. i just don't want to keep disappointing our kids in country. >> the handgun automatic handgun reverend edited out, another example of mainstream libya media protecting the obamas. lori: former nba star dennis rodman is practicing basketball diplomacy, in north korea. rodman, the cross dressing bad boy, is visiting one of the world's most repressive countries, he is there with the harlem globe-trotters. you can probably stop worries
7:49 pm
about north korea testing nuclear weapons, rodman has got it covered. >> up next, critics claim that white house are exag x-rating te effect -- are exaggerating the effects of the sequester to scare us, wil we'll discuss it p next. alec, for this mission i upgradeyour smart phone. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requeed backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet?
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lori: joining me now the a team, hank shine coff, lease wheel, and jedediah biela welcome to you. >> thank you. >> so the president, we begin with you jedediah continuing his roadshow today with the scare tactics saying the republicans are shooting the economy in the foot, where is this ending up? >> i don't know he did the same
7:53 pm
thing with entitlement reform, any time you talked about it he pulls same scare tactics, i wish he would be concerned about our debt as he is with the sequester cuts, i hope that the republicans do not cave on taxes, this is not an issue about taxes, this is an issue about spending, they already gave in on tax hikes this is president obama's responsibility now, cut on the spending. >> a "wall street journal" piece yesterday that said they both might be closer than i think. do you think we're close to getting a deal? >> the president has one agenda, take back the house in 2014, blame the republicans for cut, look at story in new york time on shipbuild industry in
7:54 pm
virginia, they will blame on the republicans. lori: you think that sequestration will happen? >> i think so too. lori: do you think a lot of republican congressmen will lose their job midterm? it is like the finger-pointing is toward them, and they are really taking the brunt of this with the scare tactics. >> that really what they are, the american people hear are airports will be closed down, we will not be ale p able to predit the next hurricane, it is not going to happen. lori: how is this, republican stating, it is abhorrent that president obama is releasing criminal into our communities to promote his political agenda on sequest raising. releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants held in local jails in anticipation of automatic spending cuts, we don't know what crimes.
7:55 pm
you are talking about the potential for releasing violent criminals into the system, and perhaps using this as an excuse to make a point. >> an extreme measure for a political point that all legal will break loose if we don't follow the president's agenda. but is key that president, has won the marketing war, public opinion will be on his side. >> we'll be back with the a team, when we return from break stay with us.
7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
with it or along with it supreme court puts itismture okay on it last summer. for him not to do that would say to state of new jersey, we're not taking financial funds -- federal funds, if he is going to be governor of new jersey, he has to take care of his people first. lori: you said this is all about the midterm election, christie probably has different goals, but it is about holding on to your base, and keeping everyone satisfied. do you see that in his decision? >> a smart move, why make conflict where noun is required, making him a very much a part of new jersey. they will say chris christie is for his own people doing the right thing. neil: any backlash? >> from conserv


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